Thursday, April 1, 2010

Companion Animal Satsa House in Bozeman

Image from Namdroling's Companion Animal Satsa House website

A satsa, a symbolic representation of the Buddha, is a sacred form of art in Tibetan Buddhism in which cremated remains of a creature are placed. Placing the remains within it and placing the satsa in a shrine or other sacred space is part of the rites performed intended towards creating auspicious conditions for rebirth. The puja is the ceremony performed when the satsa is placed in the shrine.

At Namdroling, the Companion Animal Satsa House was created in the intent of "Honoring the passing of our animal companions." At the beginning of my journey of exploring websites, blogs, readings and in person visits of dharma centers, I am delighted to make this my first stop. It is a treasure of an idea and as an animal lover I greatly value efforts made to treat our animal companions with soulful respect. I also enjoy the mindscape revealed and encouraged in seeing photos of Namdroling and imagining their setting, surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

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