Monday, June 14, 2010

Sakya in the San Juan Islands

Over in the Pacific Northwestern Reach of the San Juan Islands is a colorful dharma center, set in a 20 acre wooded landscape and rooted in the Sakya lineage. Established in 1986, Sakya Kachöd Chöling (Vajrayana Buddhist Retreat Center) is largely geared towards the hosting and offering of various types of retreats.

H.E. Sakya Jetsun Rinpoche's story is a rich one, crossing nations and many roles and exemplary of an "authentic, living, women lineage holder." Under Jetsun Rinpoche's direction, this dharma center in the San Juan Islands was founded as well as Sakya Thubten Tsechen Ling in Vancouver and Sakya Decehn Ling in Oakland, CA.

Tara, Shrine Room

Part of Sakya Kachöd Chöling's current vision is a building expansion plan, which includes retreat huts, a dining and kitchen hall and more. Like other dharma centers through the nation, the need for expansion is supported by sustained interest in practice as well as the intent to provide right accommodation and space for those for whom this is a lifelong work.

I include several photos from the center's website on this post, letting the beauty of the center speak for itself.

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